That Was The Week That Was
If you've been following my progress using the page includes macro you'll be delighted to know that this is now live to clients and working very well.

As usual some of my week was spent looking after other user's and helping them with their problems. Not that there are many: yes things do go wrong from time to time but I can't fault Atlassian's responses and help when problems arrise. Most of the issues I deal with are quite simply and easily resolved, for example:

  • people forgetting their log on details
  • people wanting help with a task, for example, moving page.
  • people finding something that needs fixing but they are unsure how go go about it.
Of course I have to police any content changes in the client areas, but given that I can review all changes from within the email notifications I recieve, this doesn't take very long. That said, the more content we have and the more people we have editing and contributing it, the more notifications I recieve. This is something you have to keep on the ball with, and I review every notification as it arrives. 

Time consuming? Yes. Pain in the backside? At times, sure, but if you don't do it you run the risk of something being published that you just might wish hadn't. So far, and because clients and colleagues are professionals, this hasn't been an issue.

Confluence for Technical Documentation
This week also featured a very informative one hour webinar entitled Confluence as a Platform for Tech 
 which was presented by, among others, Sarah Maddox, one of Atassian's technical writers and author of Confluence, Tech Comm, Chocolate. I was fortunate with the timing of this as it started at 1700 CEST, which meant the Australia participants were up well past their bedtimes and those in the USA had an early start.

Shortcuts - The Film
I recently described using shortcuts to speed up actions and production, but I think this could benefit from seeing this in action. 

Now thanks to the power of Jing, you can do that very thing by clicking here.